Thursday, August 26, 2004


Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up about on of my favorite websites as of late, These guys continually skewer the left AND the right, often taking the time to consider nuances (little white lies) that might not sound sexy enough to gain TV time, but can only be explained in print. Some recent headlines include:

Small business, big spin
The President misleads about the effect of Kerry's tax proposal on most small businesses.

CBO report spun by both sides
The Kerry and Bush campaigns both mislead on an analysis of the Bush tax cuts.

The myth of Kerry knowingly volunteering for dangerous duty lives on
Swift boat duty wasn't as dangerous when Kerry signed up.

From technically true to blatantly false
The Bush campaign's dishonest gas tax ad.

The phony attack on Bush's stem cell research "ban"
President Bush didn't ban research on stem cells.


See? Equal opportunity attackers! The only real example of "fair and balanced" I've been able to find in this campaign. Possibly the most important website of the 2004 election. Especially if the word gets out. (The only downside are the frequent ads for their anti-spin/Bush book. But they gots to make money somehow.) So tell everyone you know. Even your pharmacist!

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