Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Mongoose Has Left The Building

Go ahead and add Camp Michindoh to the growing list of evangelical institutions I've lost confidence in.

I've blogged before about my losing battles NRB, ETS and Focus on the Family. And I've written down my current doubts about Huntington University, too. But that old camp in Hillsdale, MI just got thrown in with the rest. A friend of mine was recently let go from Michindoh for some objectionable blog content on his xanga. And though I won't get into the thick of it (go here for my initial xanga-thoughts last week), I did want to add just a few things.

Even though I don't have much trust for the current administration over at Michindoh, I still don't hold any ill will for their summer camp program. It might not be the old Tom Roots affair it once was, but it's still alive, it's sill kickin', and it still needs good young men and women to make it one of the best programs of its kind in the Midwest. Michindoh sees hundreds of kids every summer come through that front entrance on East Bacon Road, and it shouldn't matter if the CEO is a buffoon -- that program, and the rest of Michindoh, still serves a greater purpose.

So go forth and counsel, you know? Just don't expect me to shed any tears the day Mr. M. finally leaves Michindoh Ministries. It's about time someone new took the helm of that place anyway. Let's just pray it's someone with a little more heart for ministry, and a little more brains for business. Because Lord knows Michindoh could use both these days.


Jamie said...

i had a conversation with a professor last semester about michindoh. i was surprised and relieved to discover that we shared many of the same thoughts about the michindoh administration. it seems like they are bringing all of the pessimistic comments i have made in the past few months to fruition. it makes me sad, but at the same time i'm glad i decided to wash my hands of it.

Keith said...

Perhaps someone should convince that new 18 year old mayor to declare Marshall Law and take over Michindoh by storming the place with the Hillsdale Army. If mayors can declare such things anyhow. Oh, and if there were such an Army. But if he could... oooh boy, it would be all over but the shoutin'.