Friday, March 19, 2004

All I Can See

I have been making cd's for the last four hours. 24 mix discs, with the 25th on the way, all for my drive to California. I am ready to so say so long to Montana for a few days, and set out west. Let's call it a quest to find my roots; let's call it a break from personalities that might rub me the wrong way; let's call it time spent in the car = lots of windows rolled down w/good music; let's call it time to see the ocean.

I will take my guitar, a few books, clothes, driving music, and my wallet. I will drive until I get depressed, then drive some more. I will arrive exhausted and cranky. I will love every minute of it.

Thank you California, for being my ocean state. Thank you relatives, for giving me a free bed to sleep in. Thank you parents, for sending love. Thank you God, for every word I've typed so far.

Disc 25 is 94% complete, so it's almost time to go. See you later. Wish me luck.

Help, like death, is always on the way.

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