Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Some Things, Like Genital Herpes, Are Best Avoided

Well, back in Montana, and back on the campaign trail. First item of note, from USA Today, TV ads score big in Bush turnaround. Yes, this kind of thing gets me all hibbity-jibbity. Are Americans really that naive and clueless, that we let a few television commercials swing us from one candidate to the other? Is this really how the campaign is going to be decided? By who has the more convincing TV marketing ads? We are so driven by consumerism, that even the campaign for President of the United States has about the same importance for us as Coke vs. Pepsi. We cannot but believe every single thing we hear and see in our commercials, because quite simply, we were happier after we ate that Happy Meal, our thirst was quenched after we drank that Sprite, and our sex was good after we had that Bud Light (our carb count for the day was lower, too!). I can't wait for the day when we vote on the internet. It will finally be as easy as placing a bid on Ebay! Life will be complete.

Second item of note, more news. Saudi Faces Gulf Showdown on OPEC Oil Cut. Alright already, Democrats! You got me, we are way too depedent on foreign oil. We live at the mercy of OPEC. And not just that, but Saudi Arabia has so much power (i.e., oil), that they can basically bully everyone else around. What burns me isn't just that we're tied to foriegn oil, it's that we're tied to foreign oil from a country that has absolutely no religious freedom, treats women like animals, allows Al-Queda to run formal fundraisers like some homicidal Jerry Lewis, and still has the gall to build shopping malls because they want to be more like the West (aka, "the cool kid"). I don't care what it takes, we probably have to start diverting billions of tax dollars from oil into new reusable energies (wind, solar, hydrogen, canola oil, Rupurt Murdoch's evil empire), but we've got to do something. We're gettin' bitch slapped here and taking every second of it. Like the Rock, it's time to walk tall.

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