Sunday, April 25, 2004

Things I Would Do If I Were Rich: Part B


Something of note. I've noticed that the word "heh" is increasingly becoming a part of everyday written vocab. I'm not real sure how to pronounce it out loud though. Is it the sound you make when you're out of breath or someone punches you in the stomach? [heh! -- instinctual expelling of breath.] Or is it a sort of half laugh, at something maybe not really funny, but obliged to show that the person was trying? [heh. i get it already.] Or a real half laugh, at something that's funny, but not ha-ha funny? [heh. that was a clever pun, but not like, "I'm Rick James, Bitch!" funny.]


Something else to note. I've been traveling every weekend for the past five weeks. (Not counting two weekends ago, where instead of traveling, I painted playground equipment and raked leaves. But we'll count that as traveling, just because.) I have been to California (and back), Wyoming, the playground, and Missoula. But I'm not tired of driving. Is this a sign? Does God want me to drive trucks? Or sell vacuums? Yesterday, I considered being a security guard or a librarian. There are openings for these things in Wisconsin.

Boom! Then I Found Five (-gazillion) Dollars.

Next item on the list, with my imaginery money, I would buy a bicycle and spanish leather sandels. I would also buy the island of Borneo. Where is Borneo you ask? Here. It is composed of the nations Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan. (Malaysia and Indonesia have some sort of claim, but the people will love me like a long-lost brother.) I would rule them all, but not with an iron fist. Rather, with a warm heart and an open hand. I would start a yearly film festival to be held during the rainy season. Also, we would grow pineapple and invent our own version of chilli, to be eaten with flatbread. We will call it Frellain and Cheya. All churches, mosques, and temples will be converted into hospitals and clinics. Or at least be expanded to provide medical services. People will eat Frellain and Cheya (or Frecha, as it is more commonly called) with fresh pineapple, getting the medical atention they need. In the next year, I will formulate a national education plan to teach each people group in their own native launguage. Tonight though, late as it is, we shall digress.

Black ink, smeared. Holla Hovita!

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