Monday, May 10, 2004

A Pointless Exercise In Pointlessness

If I hear people abuse the word "censorship" one more time.... I will personally censor my foot up their [explicative].

So anyway, this whole Michael Moore fracas has got me all stupid and tired of stupid, tired Americans. What people refuse to realize is that if Disney decides not to release the documentary, that's not censorship, it's a business decision. Disney, not being the government, has the right to refuse distribution of a film that attacks the government. It's not censorship because Disney is not state-owned, neither is it the only distributor out there who can show the film at theatres.

Had the government refused the film to be seen, that would be censorship. Had the government threatened distributors away from showing the movie, that would be censorship. Disney's decision to avoid controversy, and risk pissing off its core family audience (at a time when Disney can't afford any more losses ), does not constitute as censorship. It's called capitalism. It's called a free market. They've made a desicion based on PR and market factors. Someone else will pick it up. Not because "it's the right thing to do," but because it'll make money (Bowling For Columbine was made for only a couple million dollars and grossed over $20 million). These sorts of decision are about money, money, and money. Welcome to America.

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