Wednesday, March 02, 2005

i am googled.

I have a few blogs. They all say the same thing, but they are spread out across the internets, little houses of mine among communities like blogger, livejournal and xanga. My blogger-blog is the only one with a site counter, which also has the amazing ability to track links to my website from other sites. Okay, maybe it's not that amazing, but it has the fun ability to track even temp links, like search engine hits. So in the interest of public disclosure, I thought I'd share some of the more random searches that brought strangers to my little blogger-blog, otherwise dramatically known as, "This Blog Could Be Your Life!"

1) Condoleea Rice - Due to a typo on my part, I left the "z" out of Condi Rice's name in one of my posts. Which, incidentally it seems, happens all the time on the internet. I've probably gotten more than a dozen hits because other people used the same typo when searching for Ms. Rice.

2) Iron and Wine - Another popular search that gets me hits. Apparently, not enough people are posting about the miraculous singing, songwriting and gee-tar playing of Mr. Sam Beam.

3) John Sanders and/or Open Theism - Because I've griped (on more than one occasion) about how my old school has been taking a crap one of my favorite people.

4) Name the oppressor in your life - If you know how Google and Yahoo work, you'll understand that while this exact phrase can be found nowhere on my blog, apparently every one of these words can be found in one of my recent posts. There are lots more like this.

5) about wisconsin quarters
6) rolling stone lindsay lohan (they were probably disappointed that there were no pics...)
7) download punch drunk love
8) druid dan (This one puzzles me, because I can't remember ever posting about druids.)
9) trevin skeens
10) (and my personal fav) bi underwear group

Also, on an unrelated note, there seems to be another This Blog Could Be Your Life, run by some school-marm from Washington (the state). My blog has been up a bit longer, but I doubt she copied the name. If she did come up with it independently, she is either my nemesis or my soulmate. I'll let you decide.

I could use a good nemesis; I've never had one. But a soulmate sounds nice, too. Cast your vote. Let your voice be heard.

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