Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Of Pirates And Their Swarthy Ways

This is what is going on.

At work we have pirated copies of films still in the theatre, playing all day long in the break room provided for our rest and relaxation. Even though the Supreme Court just weighed in (once again) on how wrong and illegal our activities are, still, we remain criminals. Or maybe the act of watching the pirated movie isn't actually illegal. Maybe it's just the actual downloading of said movies that is a crime. Regardless, last week it was Cinderella Man. Today it was Batman. Tomorrow I'm hoping for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

And while I'm on the topic, I think it's been a pretty dumb move on the part of the film studios to call the act of downloading films "pirating." Let's face it: pirates are awesome. Everyone of sound mind and judgment wants to be one. And by allowing us to "pirate" movies, our dreams come true in beautiful reality. We are pirates now, and strong. Because of this, we probably will not stop anytime soon.

And finally, for those friends who studied at Huntington College, stop by Midwest Mindset for recent conversations involving Dr. Sanders, the (lower-case) catholic Church, and wicked-depressing xanga wars involving Christians who don't understand Christ. We crave voices besides ours, or at least ears to hear. For we are tired, and need new blood. Also, we might be egomaniacs.

Thank you for your time.

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