Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Harry Potter, Ph.D. Candidate in Physics

Scientists are awesome! Scientists have invented mathematical equations! Equations that would (theoretically) allow certain (somewhat-theoretical) "metamaterials" to bend light around an object and return said light on its original trajectory as if it had never hit the object at all! Thus, invisibility!

Science is magic!

This article is magic!


According to the laws of physics, an invisible person would necessarily be blind. In order to see light, the eye must absorb it, but in order for a person to be invisible, the body must not absorb any light.
Science is good. But magic is better.


Jeff BBz said...

aww that is the best and the worst. i love it and hate it

Jeff BBz said...

i guess we will have to change awesome already blind people into blind invisible spy ninjas and kick ass all over town

jonny said...

i know that this is the best idea in the world. how do i know this? because of daredevil. we would just need to train the blind invisible ninjas to hear their surroundings so well that they could develop a radar-like mental image of their surroundings.

you're brilliant!