Friday, June 02, 2006

Everybody Loves Jesus!

In reaction to a joint Christian-Muslim protest in India, 7 of the country's 29 states have decided to ban The Da Vinci Code from their theatres. State officials feared protests and other types of demonstrations if the film was allowed to show, even though such protests have yet to actually materialize (at least, nothing like the marches in Fiji over the film). The Da Vinci Code has been showing in India's other states since last Friday, to packed cinemas.

Hooray for Jesus buddies!

Hurray for Muslim/Christian Buddies, Inc.!

Let this be a lesson to terrorists everywhere:

Mutual loathing for The Da Vinci Code trumps all wars!

As do funny hats!


JonAmos said...

as does a love for Coke. Hooray, multi-national American Corporations!! Booooo, movies that portray Jesus getting married. Or cowboys falling in love.

jonny said...

i didn't even notice all the awesome soda! we should start a "drop coke, not bombs" campaign and put it on youtube and in the advocate and write/direct a bollywood film about it, too.

that should cover just about everyone in the world, right?