Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In this Episode -- Unexplained Files

OMG! Agent Mulder is missing! Agent Mulder is dead!

I had forgotten how often Chris Carter used this trick. TNT is showing, like, a bazillion X-Files episodes tonight, and I'm going to try and stay up until three or four in the morn to watch them all. They kicked it off with the Season Two finale, Anasazi, which is a hella crazy-good episode to start with. This series was awesome. This series kicked ass. High school TV was B+. Today's TV is C-, barely.

Chris Carter needs to get off his rich poopshoot and make me some new entertainment.


Jamie said...

i'm so jealous. i'm stuck out in the butt crack of no where, and you are sittin pretty in chicago watching a bazillion episodes of the x-files!

if only, if only...

Liza said...

isn't it poopchute?

ps- my security code word to post this was furcmyjc, which i feel like is an extremely blasphemous thing to say, let alone do.

jonny said...

i say poopshoot, in honor of moviepoopshhot.com, and the fact that chris carter shoots movies (or telefilms), and the fact that i want to see more of them.