Saturday, February 03, 2007

Vermont Public Radio Sucks

Leaves Room for Improvement

I did a Google search for that title phrase above the pic and nothing came up. I guess I'm a little frustrated with Vermont's Public Radio Network, and wanted to see if anyone else was. Alas, no takers, at least in the blogosphere. So let's write a post about it that no one will ever read! Come on!

Here Is Why:

1. We have a couple of days in January with 60 degree weather, and suddenly you go crazy with how it's always going to be this way because global warming is going to change our way of life and it'll be like Connecticut weather for the rest of our lives. Geez, never heard of a warm front?

2. You call yourself an independent radio station but I don't buy it. You're not some 100 watt station pumping out the jams free form to Vermont residents. Sure, you're not corporate, either. But indy? With all the power of NPR, PRI and BBC Radio (if so desired) behind you? Not hardly. Be yourself, VPR. Don't worry, you can still stick it to the man.

3. Where's the beef? We got Morning Edition and All Things Considered, but what about Day to Day and the World and To the Point and BBC Newshour and etc., etc., etc. Now, don't get me wrong, classical music makes really great morning tunes, but from 9am-3pm every weekday? And don't even get me started on how much Music from the Hearts of Space sucks ass. I want my WBEZ back. But the old one, not the one they switched to after I left.

4. Tavis Smiley, bitches. Where the hell is Tavis Smiley's weekend show?

In Conclusion

You could do better. Make some room for more talk after the noon hour. Bring the Beef. Find Tavis Smiley. Drop Hearts of Space for American Routes or Whad' Ya Know? or quite literally anything else ever recorded. And keep on stickin' it to the man.


Jake Sikora said...

what's music from the hearts of space? it sounds amazing to me.

Stephen Hill said...

If you'd replace Hearts of Space with Whad' Ya Know, you are officially a tasteless anuswad.

michael magee said...

I cannot get vpr burlington 107.9 on my radio half of the time, i cannot afford cable so i am stuck with vpr, the kick in the rump is when vpr asks for money, more money means the CEO can get a raise, does the average person from vermont get a raise? NO WAY VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO IS THE BLOODSUCKER OF RADIO STATIONS. GIVE US MONEY GIVE US MONEY!! THATS ALL I HEAR FROM VPR.