Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mike D'Antoni = D-Bag

Mike D'Antoni should be coaching the Bulls. Their roster fits his offensive system better than the Knicks. They're 2-3 years closer than the Knicks to competing in the Conference Finals. And look at that stash -- pure Chicago.

But the Knicks offered more money, proving, once again, that capitalism is friggin' awesome, and way more important than championship rings and working in a city where the entire waterfront is public property, "forever open, clear and free."

Good luck with Zach Randolph and Eddie Curry.

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J-Kiddin' said...

Totally agree. The Bulls made possible the second worst option their new coach. Worst being Larry Brown. Should hire my friggin' dad. Or Avery Johnson.

By the way can you submit anything to Honor Roll?

This is Matt by the by.