Friday, January 16, 2004

Civil War Correspondence

I have had nothing to say for a while. Mostly, things do not happen to me here. At the moment, I am trying to do three things.

1) Make my apt look more like a place you would want to live in, rather than a place you have to live in.
2) Read about politics, because i do not understand if i am conservative or liberal.
3) Stop spending money at

So, until I find something to write about, I thought i'd post an email i just sent to a friend who i haven't talked to in a while. I don't think she'd mind, because she is cool like that. It's kind of a general montana introduction. Like Jonny's Life 101. Nothing too deep, just a general overview. Enjoy.

"anonymous friend [it really doesn't say that],

no, i haven't found someone to mooch off of in a log cabin in montana and write, write, write until my fingers bled and my brain...well, bled, too. i think if i did, i'd spend alot more time doing nothing than actually writing, so what i have now is good, too. i work for a boys and girls club in lewistown, MT, which is in the dead center of the state. i found the position through Americorps, and started in september. it has been a great time so far, boring lots of the time (the town is all of 5,000 people), but i have fun working with the kids, mostly 1-6 graders, after school. i am the "technology director", which basically means i run the computer lab, which is a stretch for me, becuase i don't know a whole lot about computers. but i've learned so much so far. i also do various other odd jobs like tutoring, grant researching, and secretarial work. i am much like that robot/maid from the jetsons, except i have feelings and can get hungry.

though i am not going to grad school, i have been to missoula a few times so far, because that's where i've got to go for my Americorps bitching sessions (they're supposed to be for training, but we really complain about things most of the time). i have not gotten married yet, though my brother david is getting married in may. that is weird, but good. i tried out the whole "let's talk about marriage in the abstract" thing last year at college with a girl, but have decided that that's as far as i'm willing to go for now. i did get to see Jack and Sarah Jones in oregon for thanksgiving, though, and that partially restored my hope that marriage is good, and not evil. i have no pets, either. mostly because i live in an apt, and i'm very bad with things like hampsters, fish, and even plants. if they don't talk (in an audible animal sort of way), i forget they are there, and they die. which is bad. so i don't do that. i have gone bowling with the kids for Club a couple of times, but that's it.

there is this song by a guy from seattle named Damien Jurado entitled "yuma, arizona." it has horns in it.

your job sounds like it is good (vs. bad). [edited: blather about a job that has to do with teaching]. i've met a few of the teachers here, and they are weird. not bad people, just montanian. in general, people in montana are funny. only i can't laugh at them while i'm around them because they might get offended. they don't get my jokes, and they're jokes aren't funny, but sometimes when i laugh after they tell a joke, it's not because the joke is funny, but because they are funny. and they don't know that i'm laughing at them (in a good natured, endearing way).

well, that is all for right now. tell me more about why you moved away from [un-named sate]. and why you wanted to go [un-named direction] in the first place. i will tell you more about my why next time. nacha doches. (i am not sure what that means, it just sounded apropriate.)


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