Wednesday, October 13, 2004

again? don't you ever shut-up?!?

Okay, since my parents stopped reading my blog after I moved back east I have officially nothing to lose. No one reads this, ergo, I don't have to wory about heresy or dignity anymore. I can harp on whatever I want, which is fun. So let's talk about again!

Something I mentioned after the first debate was a conversation with my mom about how Bush and Kerry made two contradictory claims about the Bush administration's funding of programs to find and get rid of "rogue" nuclear weapons. So the good folks at spinsanity cleared things up for us in a column they write for the Philadelphia Inquirer (unfortunately, you'll have to register to read it, but it's worth the few extra annoying minutes). See, these are good people to know.

Lately, they've taken on Kerry and Bush in separate stories: one on Bush taking Kerry's "global test" statements in the last debate totally out of context; and another about how Kerry is fudging with numbers in his latest TV ads. (Anyone remember "fuzzy math?")

These latest posts are right up on their website, and don't need registration. So swing by if you've got the time. And keep your eyes on the site over the next few days as I'm sure they'll have fallacies and inconsistencies to point out from tonight's debate. Isn't it so much fun that all politicians are liars? I can't wait to vote for one of them!

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