Monday, October 25, 2004

well, me, I'm lying here, with nothing in my ears

I have little knowledge of Nick Cave, other than he is frequently weird, and occasionally brilliant. Today, just another anonymous Monday, I had the pleasure of picking up the Oct/Nov issue of Paste and cannot believe my ears. The first Nick Cave song I've ever heard without cringing. I don't mean to say that what I've heard before was bad; certain parts of mr. Cave and his Bad Seeds have just rubbed me the wrong way (much the way great bands like Led Zepplin, the Sex Pistols, and the Smiths fall on deaf ears when it comes to my....well, ears). But Nic Cave, how I've never known I've needed you until now.

"There She Goes My Beautiful World" is a gigantic song, inconspicously inserted as the 7th track on Paste's music sampler. It is, with little doubt, a heart-stopping, head-bopping, foot-stomping, faith-shattering (sorry) humanist/gospel explosion. It is music. And it is good.

So run, walking shall not be allowed, to your nearest Borders or Barnes & Noble and purchase Paste #12 with none other than ?uestlove of the Roots on the cover. It is $6, which is nothing. Which is a lie. Because $6 is something. But forget about that. Just consume.

(And if you need further convincing, the CD also has new tracks by the Black Keys, Elliot Smith, Ben Miller & the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Flaming Lips, and everyone's favorite little Emmylou Harris guitarist -- the man, the myth, the legend -- Mr. Buddy Miller.)

There is nothing else to say. Except that I am done.

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