Friday, October 22, 2004

dc talk reunion tour

The fun never lasts. I had almost forgotten we had a presidential race going on. (Or is it more like a presidential limp?) And other things going on that are about real life, but don't have a singular, central, physical location.

item one: What do all those presidential polls really mean? Not a whole lot, according to USA Today. See why the odds don't favor polling, and conclude along with me that polls mean nothing. Much like the Strokes.

item two: So it sounds like Huntington College is going down the crapper. Personally, I hold Brandon Pfeiffer responsible. Jake Sikora has some others ideas, which actually have some factual merit to them. I'm sticking to my guns though.

item three: The politics of fear. Our esteemed candidates seem to love this latest buzz phrase. With the frequency they like to pretend they're the ones who coined it, this election seems to be pulling away from reasoned, articulate argument and moving towards the realm of knee-jerk reaction -- where we vote for who scares us the least (or is it the most?). President Bush and Senator Kerry are up to it again. Hide the kids and invest in gold. Because if either one of the guys win, it's anarchy and armageddon across the board.

item postlude: I'm looking for some web building software for Mac that is cheap and simple to use (ie, nothing from those bastards at Adobe or Macromedia). Any suggestions?

item encore: Could Bertie Russell be any more boring to read? I just want to learn about philosophy the same way Bill Bryson taught me about science. Be thankful all of you, with your large libraries, and wide selection of books, that you don't have the frustration of having 13 books to choose from in your local library's philosophy section -- AND ONLY 13 BOOKS! I've seen extra value meals with more variety than this. Curse you Lake Geneva, and your stylish library facing the gorgeous lake, and all 200 of your books!

Diddy out.

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