Monday, May 09, 2005

Beverly Hills

I just spent the last hour channel surfing between VH1, MTV, MTV2 and FUSE trying to catch a glimpse of the new Weezer single. And after seeing it, I have to admit that Jake Sikora was right, it does kind of suck. But there's something like 11 other songs on the new cd. They can't all suck, can they?

....Fuck! Can they!?!?

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brit said...

I was driving home from Chicago yesterday with some friends...we popped in Weezer and proceeded to have pretty much the same converstation you just posted...I hear you brother.

In other news....Jonny! wow, it's been a while. Remember me, that out of control kid who thought she had the whole world figured out...things have changed a bit. Anyways, it was great to stumble upon your blog and feel a bit reconnected.

Lauryn Hill and the mound of still unread civil rights movement books
beckon...take it easy.