Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Things we did in the past 48 hours

In no particular order:

  • Watched three episodes of Six Feet Under (mildly disappointed).
  • Did four loads of laundry (greatest sense of accomplishment this month so far).
  • Downloaded A Ghost Is Born, Uh Huh Her, A Grand Don’t Come For Free and No Wow (finally ready to compile my favorite albums of 2004 list).
  • Took pictures with my handy picture phone (see above).
  • Listened to the Stars' Set Yourself on Fire with headphones, twice (wanted to move to Montreal with headphones, twice).
  • Drove to Lake Zurich, had a smoothie, read the newest issue of Law of Inertia (fantastic Weezer interview with Brian Bell and Pat Wilson; ready to admit that Rivers is somewhat of a prick).
  • Drove to McHenry, had green tea, read the newest issues of Magnet and DIW (two, count ‘em two, cover stories on Sleater Kinney!).
  • Totally realized I had a crush on the girl who sold me the green tea (anyone who sells me tea is a-okay in my book).
  • Broke down and bought the new issue of Paste (even though I let my subscription expire).
  • Did the dishes (broke no glasses).
  • Watched PTI twice (entertained and informed).
  • Enjoyed Some Cities by the Doves while driving to and fro (wished U2 would just die and Doves would take their place).
  • Remembered how to email (sort of).
  • Watched A Love Song for Bobby Long, in half an hour blocks, savoring the backdrop, the white-haired-fatty of John Travolta and the mesmerizing Scarlett Johansson (still not finished).
  • Tried the new Chinese place in Lake Geneva (too soon to give a meaningful grade; the eggrolls were rad, though).
  • Finally started reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (something I meant to do last year in Montana).
  • Pissed off Noel when I said “Beverly Hills” kind of sucked (it does).
Now that my "weekend" is over, works beckons in less than 45 minutes.

And btw, knowing really is half the battle.

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