Thursday, January 06, 2005

Know your Alberto Gonzales

Today, during daylight hours, the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin the confirmation process of Alberto R. Gonzales as President Bush's next Attorney General. Ubiquitous, talking-head speculators have speculated that he will be confirmed, but not after answering some pointed questions about his legal role in the treatment of terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay. In his previous capacity as White House Legal Council, Mr. Gonzales' recommendations helped to narrowly define this Administration's definition of torture, thus allowing the DOD/CIA quite a bit of leeway in the way they could legally treat detainees. As we know by now, the results weren't pretty.

The Washington Post has also published a full story about Gonzales' role concerning terror detainees. The AP has posted a brief biography for Mr. Gonzales, as well as framed some possible questions he might be asked during his confirmation hearing. As usual, has decided to use fiery rhetoric rather than reasoned argument, taking out a rather damning full-page ad in the NY Times. In addition, a group of Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders have written an open letter to Mr. Gonzales asking him to denounce the use of torture on moral and legal grounds before he takes the office of head lawyer of the United States of America -- not a bad idea in my book.

This man is probably going to be our next attorney general. You should take a few moments to get to know him. And pray that he never comes after you.

How's that for rhetoric?

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