Friday, December 03, 2004

the fourth estate

President Bush does not like to talk. Strike that, President Bush does not like talking with reporters. Amendment, President Bush does not like talking with reporters when they ask him questions he doesn't like. Okay.

The Washington Post recently ran an excellent story about the White House press corps, and how thay've had to transform their entire way of thinking and reporting during Bush's presidency. Before you moan and groan, I'm gonna cut you off before you can got your knickers in a knot. I know, I know. If you're a lefty, you probably feel the press is too soft on Bush, and let's him get away with far too much. If you're a righty, you probably think the press is out to get Bush, and fails to cover the good that's come out of his presidency. But if, by some miraculous portent, you still feel the press represents the eyes and ears of the people, and has an obligation to keep the executive branch accountable, for the sake of public discourse, you'll like the piece. So go read it.

We sometimes forget how close the press corps is in proximity to the Oval Office. In some sense, they're our wingmen. And they have a distant intimacy with George W. Bush that might be more genuine than the friendships the president has with his supporters. What the press has to say has got to count for something. Otherwise, why have them there at all?

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