Friday, December 31, 2004

pacific street

I'm calling this the one-year anniversary of my blogging career.

My first post occurred a year and a day ago, but it was a test post just to make sure that the blog skin I downloaded was working, so we won't count on the official tally. My first substantive post was written one year ago today. I lived in Montana. It was cold. I was mildly depressed. It would have been a good day to try out alcoholism if I liked cheap booze. Unfortunately for me, I don't.

The past few months have caught me blogging like my life depended on it. And though that might sound like an overstatement, it's not a stretch to say that my sanity has been contingent on this ability to shout into cyber-space like it actually meant something. That was a long sentence. This isn't.

I've though about splitting my blogging subjects between a few different blogs. One for theology, one for politics, one for general pop-culture musings -- but I've come to the conclusion that splitting my thoughts like so would be deceiving. These things, as varied and frantic as they may seem, are who I am. Or more importantly, they are who I am becoming. My whole outlook on life has an eshcatological bent to it, so for me, becoming is always more important than being. I can't ever tell who I am, but I can go write for hours about who I'm becoming.

That makes sense, I swear.

On other notes, a comrade blogger of mine has posted some info on how best to help out with relief efforts in Asia after the devastating tsunami. Good stuff. Check it out here.

And good news for D.C. on this, the last day of 2004. Baseball is in our future, my friends. The Montreal Expos are officially no more, bound for RFK Stadium as the Washington Nationals. In the middle of worlds falling apart, slipping through our hands no matter how hard we try, it's these little victories that allow me to keep smiling.

So over the past year, I've lived in Montana, wished I lived in California, and moved back to Wisconsin instead. My heart is still in Huntington, spread amongst the Great Wall, my College and the kids of East State Street Church of God. I'm one year older, one year less a Bush supporter, one year more a despiser of all things modern and post-so. One year of still loving my faith, one year of continuing to loathe the (lower-case "c") church. In the end, a year for the books.

All that to say, this is the last day of 2004. The first day of new things. My name is Jonny Rice, I live in Wisconsin, I want to be happy, I need to be content.

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