Wednesday, December 22, 2004

mix cd for that girl in electronics

This is a playlist, made not 24 hours ago, for the people I work with, as we strive for mediocrity in retail. While posting it, I also discovered it would make one amazing double-LP.

Side One
1. Title Track by Death Cab For Cutie
2. Lucky Denver Mint by Jimmy Eat World
3. The Rat by The Walkmen
4. Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six
5. The Grandmother Wolf by Pretty Girls Make Graves
Side Two
6. Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse
7. Rhythm Bandits by Junior Senior
8. Bandages by Hot Hot Heat
9. Pollen by Mirah
10. Nick Drake Tape by Clem Snide
Side Three
11. Gone by Jack Johnson
12. Wedding Day by Rosie Thomas
13. Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips
14. There She Goes, My Beautiful World by Nick Cave
15. A Good Man Is Easy to Kill by Beulah
Side Four
16. Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco
17. Half Acre by Hem
18. Last Things Last by Rachels
19. Ágætis byrjun by Sigur Rós
20. Damn Shame by Jolie Holland

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