Thursday, December 09, 2004

Roger's Park afterthoughts.

What does it mean to 'support our troops'?

Andrea Cooper writes some fantastic commentary here about her struggle to support American troops without condoning our administration's actions in the Iraq. It's good. And not overtly partisan. Just honest.

Said troops take Rumsfeld to town.
A town hall meeting in Kuwait between US troops and Donald Rumsfeld turned into a political bitch-slap for the Secretary of Defense, as troops voiced their honest concerns about problems with armor shortages, extended tours, antiquated equipment and paycheck delays. All in front of the national press. Oops. Thank God for a free press.

Meanwhile, in Moscow.
The same can't be said for Russia anymore, apparently. A Russian television anchor was suspended for sarcastic comments on the air about the earlier firing of another journalist who criticized the TV station. While the station is not owned directly by the Kremlin, it was purchased by a state-controlled gas company in 2001. And it seems certain editorial decisions have favored President Putin, foregoing journalistic integrity. So when people speak up, they lose their voice. Once again, thank God for a free press.

Parents go on strike, move to front yard.
I was sure this was from the Onion. But it's not. Mom and dad have been living in a tent in the front yard because they couldn't get their kids to help out with household chores. If TV cameras can't get your kids to do the dishes, I don't think anything can. I say good for them.

Got a parking ticket? Pay in toys.
So Boston is freaking awesome. For three days they let people pay for parking tickets with new toys as part of the Toys for Tots program. This is the best idea ever. But it should be all month long, and in every city in the country. Word.

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