Sunday, December 12, 2004

responsibility is a four-letter word

It seems my employer is getting sued.

Trevin and Melanie Skeens of Maryland recently bought an Evanescence cd for their daughter on her birthday, because they were hoping to be cool that way. However, much to their dismay, the band drop the f-bomb on one of their songs. Trevin and Melanie are hopping mad because it's common knowledge that Wal-Mart carries edited cds (where if someone swears, the music keeps going, but the lyrics drop out, leaving you pretty much to imagine on your own that they're saying "fuck" in all the blank spaces; which really might be worse, because you're thinking of it on your own, and not being forced to by whomever is singing), and they want someone to pay the piper.

Anyway, these parents are flaming furious. They would never have bought their 13-year-old daughter the cd if it had an "explicit lyrics" warning on the cover (Wal-Mart only carries the edited versions of those cds). And they, like any red-blooded American family, trust Wal-Mart to filter out all the bad stuff for them, because let's face it, they're very square and don't know much about the rock music these days. Plus, they have to work all the time, and don't have time to monitor what they're kids are into. Wal-Mart is their last hope -- all that stands between a life of comfort and actually investing their time into the lives of their children.

Because, in today's fast paced world, if you can't trust Wal-Mart to raise your kids, you can you trust?

p.s. I am not a total dick. I just play one on TV.

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