Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh Washington, My Washington

This is becoming habit, rounding up a few D.C. related stories that catch my eye every once in while. If you can think of a catchy "district roundup" title, drop me an email. Otherwise, let's begin.

Round One
John McCain is throwing his hat into the ring, my friends. After showing some tough love towards Major League Baseball over steroid abuses, now he's criticising good old Don Rumsfeld, whom I love with all my might, but only because of Matthew 5:44. McCain's giving Rummy a big vote of "no confidence" on his handling of the war in Iraq. It's the Senator's way of speaking his mind without asking the president to step outside and solve things like men folk. It's not exactly what I'd like....but it'll do, pig. It'll do.

Round Two
Things really heat up in the second go-round, as Senate Democrats finally find their spines and start to pull out the old congressional-oversite-hearings-card. The Senate is supposed to ask the president the tough questions, but when Senate leaders are a bit too cozy with the White House....It's like when you let your friend drive home after they've had a couple of drinks, but you follow after them in your car just to make sure they get home okay. No matter your rational, it's still wrong. And you should have stepped up and told them so. Anyways, the Dems are going to throw around what little weight they have, and try to grab those keys while everyone else is too buddy, buddy to say anything. Only problem is, without the Senate majority, they don't have the power of subpoena. Fight the good fight, my friends! And if all else fails...maybe you could just slash their tires?

Round Three
And finally, baseball might not be coming to the Capital after all. Those Washington Nationals could still be in Montreal next year, or God knows where else, as things are looking pretty grim for D.C. baseball. Wherever these guys end up (Portland? Virginia?), they're going to be my new favorite team. I just need them to settle somewhere so that I can buy a hat and start caring about baseball again.

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